The four corners of sales effectiveness


roiSales effectiveness is important across all industries no matter the size of the organization.  The bottom line is that the more effective you are as a sales organization then the more likely you’ll realize business success.  So, what are the fundamentals?  Based on our years of experience within many verticals, we have found that those who “run a tight and effective ship” typically have four essential characteristics.

A Defined Sales Process

Top organizations develop and religiously follow a well-defined sales process.  Their process is based on sales objectives at different stages of the funnel, how their buyers buy, and how they can effectively manage their prospects till they are determined ‘sales ready’.

Sales Technology

Whether you rollout an Enterprise CRM platform or start small with a basic Sales Force Automation system; CRM platforms such as supports and governs a sales process which will dramatically improve sales effectiveness.  The use of CRM technology enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues.

Sales Development

Statistically, 90% of leads generated through marketing do not have an immediate need.  Given the priorities and workload of those who are managing and closing business; those prospects with long term or no immediate needs will likely ‘fall through the cracks’ and run the risk of losing future sales opportunities.

That is why it is important to dedicate resources and marketing strategies to support the sales team in lead management and nurturing.

Sales Skills

With a defined strategy and customized system, implementing the improved sales process requires both understanding and commitment from the sales team.  More importantly, you need to ensure that you have the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful.

Investing time and budget on developing or fine-tuning your sales strategy, systems, skills, and support will lead to an increase in sales productivity, employee retention, and on step closer to business supremacy.

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