Community Cloud

Community platform for connecting employees, partners, and customers

Online communities have always been a way for people with common ground to meet, socialize, and connect. The use of them has only grown more widespread with time. In fact, some of today’s most successful organizations have been using them to achieve everything from project collaboration to product input.

No matter what your target audience is, Salesforce Community Cloud facilitates more meaningful connections. It’s a social CRM, collaboration platform that allows user to:


 Find Information




Salesforce Community Cloud: Top 10 tips to get you started

Community Cloud was designed with multi-functionality in mind. Our Salesforce certified Community Cloud consultants have helped numerous organizations customize this collaboration platform to suit their needs.

In addition to being software for employee collaboration, it opens up new doors for employee and customer communication. In other words, it can be used for teamwork within the workplace, as well as business-to-business or business-to-customer interaction.

Real life examples of Community Cloud uses include:

 Human Resources Management

 Faculty, staff, and student collaboration

 Connecting remote workers

 Gaining product feedback

 Regulatory compliance

 Patient care


 Qualifying leads

 Product information


Community Cloud features for achieving your potential

We can understand that a collaboration platform might not be the top priority for many organizations. However, it’s an investment that holds a lot of hidden value. Salesforce Community Cloud can be used to find out what you might be missing. For instance, it may highlight ways to make your product better or uncover a great idea with real possibilities.

Furthermore, it allows for information to be more readily available, which lessens the need for assistance and support. You can also use Community Cloud to centrally update information to reach a wider audience. This includes things like new products, new policies, or whatever else you need to report on.

Our certified Salesforce Community Cloud consultants will review your needs to see how Community Cloud can help you deepen your business relationships.